Our Values

India is a country known for its beauty and craftsmanship.

Capsbury is a strong believer in education and training of both ethical and manufacturing practices, our teams in both the UK and India work hard to achieve and monitor this.


Timber and Sustainability

As a manufacturer of solid wood furniture produced in India, we are often asked what our stand is regarding timber sustainability. Capsbury works with timbers indigenous to India such as Sheesham (natively known as sisso), Mango (aam) or Acacia (kikar).


India has an extensive forest policy, which states: “The national goal should be to have a minimum of one-third of the total land area of the country under forest or tree cover. In the hills and in mountainous regions, the aim should be to maintain two-thirds cover”.


Timber, for our furniture production, is obtained from two primary sources.  One, from public auctions which sell timber privately grown by the farming communities, and the other, from the state forest department auctions.

India is different to other countries in the way it manages its timber in that it does not only harvest from forests but also farmers.  This is because of a large population of farmers who grow timber as a crop to harvest at a future point in time.  Farmers apply to the village tehsil (County Office) when they want to cut a tree on their land, which they have grown as a crop.  With necessary permissions taken, this can then be placed into the auction (controlled by the state forest officer) for sale.

The ability for farmers to grow and sell trees also works as a secondary form of income, should crops fail.


At Capsbury, we take sustainability very seriously. After all, these trees grow in a land we love and work within.  As such, we work closely with our suppliers and factories along with UK based organization's such as the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) to monitor the procurement of all the timber used to make our products.

"It is said that when a child is born to a farmer, a tree is planted. When the child is grown and ready to marry, the tree is cut to provide money for the newlywed couple."



Capsbury factories are fully audited every year, not only by our own staff but also by an independent body, to ensure that all of our products are produced in environments monitored and controlled to our ethical code of practice.


Ethical audits are provided to customers on request.



Craftsmanship & Education

Capsbury’s in-house design team works closely with highly skilled craftspeople, to train and educate them in developing new innovative techniques in solid woodworking. Often incorporating other material within our designs, education has always been our main focus.  Not to dictate, rather work with and establish new processes to achieve an innovative product, which will last and grow with each customer.


Practicality, Functionality, Thought-Out Design and Engineering, skills which Capsbury prides itself on.


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