Maharani for John Lewis


Asha for John Lewis


Samara for John Lewis

Stowaway Light for John Lewis

Stowaway for John Lewis

Lloyd for Next

Kehlof by Leonhard Pfeifer


Topi by Aara Design


Safi for Next

Spino by Suliman Innab

Live Edge by Aara Design

Japan by Alexander Mueller

Pattern by Aara Design

Amsterdam for Next

Mirrors : Mother of Pearl

Arm Chair by Alexander Mueller

Splaid Dining and Trifecta Coffee

by Leonhard Pfeifer

Hexiped by Leonhard Pfeifer

Everett Bed for Next

Pattern Bed by Aara Design

Zari Chair by Aara Design

Arch Tables by Daniel Schofield

Casey for House of Fraser

Piccolo by Aara Design



Aara Design



Alexander Mueller

Occasional Wire Leg Tables


Leonhard Pfeifer

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